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Oh God, I can`t stand John Leguizamo….

Holy friday in Puerto Rico is a torture, in the tv you just see religious movies (Very Old for my style). Imagine that, you can`t eat meat. Really? Sorry But I`m not one those believers. I respect my catholic fellows but, there`s a limit for everything.

RIP Cheo Feliciano

RIP Cheo Feliciano

Where is CM Punk?

Where is CM Punk?

Game Of Thrones Houses

My Reason to watch Transformers Age Of Extintion…

Yes!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!!!

Its Christmas Joffrey Baratheon mis DEAD!!!!!

Joffrey Baratheon I will NOT going to MISS you…

My New Marvel U Hero

My New Marvel U Hero

R.I.P Ultimate Warrior



I have been reading the Divergent Saga book (Divergent, Insurgent & Allegiant) and let me tell you something They are awesome!!!!

it will ruin your life. Miserably

It is happening already. And I haven`t finish it yet.